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Every employee in Optiworks has duty to meet the customers' requirement with the best product and service in every post, even beyond their expectation. We accord with the principle "we center on customer" to satisfy our customer 

Quality System

• ISO9001: 1994 TUV certificated in June 2001
• ISO9000: 2000 TUV updated in April 2002
• TL9000 (3.0/3.0) BQVI certificated in March 2002
• TL9000 (3.0/3.5) SGS updated in May 2006
• TL9000 (4.0/4.0) SGS updated in July 2008
• TL9000 (5.0/4.0) SGS updated in April 2010
• TL9000 (5.0/4.5) HKQAA updated in April 2012


• ISO14001:2004 SGS certificated in Jan. 2005
• OHSAS18001:1999 SGS certificated in March 2006
• OHSAS18001:2007 SGS updated in March 2008

Product System

• YD/T2000.1-2009 TLC certificated in Sep 2010

Quality Assurance

Optiworks has excellent quality team, with person specially assigned for a task in-coming materials, process, shipment, quality system maintenance, specialty training and after-sale service, etc. The quality management has infiltrated through each performance procedure in company. OptiWorks established the completed RoHS control system to meet the satisfaction of customer.

Reliability testing

Based on integrated and full reliability test criteria, Optiworks strictly perform the reliability test and monitoring test plan of our products according to the BellCore GR-1221-Core, GR-1209-Core criteria, etc


service hotline

US Headquarters:47211 Bayside Parkway, Fremont, CA. 94538