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Strong scientific research team


          Optiworks has a strong scientific research team, in the new product design and development, process customization, production, packaging, shipping and after-sales aspects of professional senior engineer is responsible for. Various departments and personnel allocation of appropriate, age structure is appropriate, energetic, 80 stop body, 90s team expands ceaselessly, talents and update a smooth transition and upgrading, safety management system transformation, the flavor of the modern management penetrated into every corner of the company.

          Product design and development team often in-depth research first, to design new products according to market demand;According to the production process of custom team optimization principles, with the minimum input and maximum output, saving cost, lower prices, achieving high quality and inexpensive;The production team carefully and earnestly do a good job in every process, the error containment to kill in the bud, to reduce losses to a minimum, flaws and invisible, so that customers use the most beautiful products;Service team in a timely manner feedback to each customer's views, in-depth market, into the customer, to listen to the voice of customers, resolve customer problems, urgent customer's urgent, to solve the customer's all;This is Xiang light, has a strong team, we in order to customers for chicken! Xiang light is forever your partner!



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