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Customer first service process:

      Optiworks of every employee to comply with "customer is first" service process, our footmark spreads all over the world, our service department set up a global, whether you where, whether you have any requirements on the product, use, price and service requirements, we will in the first time to provide feedback, and looking for professionals for you to solve all the problems.

      We are not afraid of trouble, your demand is our greatest support;
      We have to wait and see, your feedback is the biggest help for us;
      We sincerely hope that your cooperation is the greatest reward for us;
      We work hard, your satisfaction is our greatest support.
      We do not seek to obtain the number, but beg your reputation; we are not afraid of the unknown, but beg to quality for survival; our goal is "Optiworks potential light with you and me."

Quality system management policy:
      Superior quality, environmental leadership,  compliance with regulations, customer satisfaction;

Safety first, prevention first, full participation, continuous improvement.

Our service process:


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