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    Perfect product system  

      Optiworks for optical communication products of high-tech enterprises have 16 years experience and the product have already  covered: Adjustable optical attenuator, Optical mixer,Flat gain controller,The wavelength division multiplexer,Dense wavelength division multiplexer, Optical splitter, Fused biconical taper wave division multiplexer, Fixed attenuator,Optical switch, Coarse wavelength division multiplexer, Circulator, Add/ Drop multiplexer, Optical isolator, Free space isolator, Filter type wave division multiplexing passive devices.

At the same time, according to customer demand,also products  customization module, photoelectric combination module, optical communication protection module, etc.

In recent years, Optiworks also joined the ranks of the design and development of  Active Devices, and achieved good results.

Fly to the present,OptiWorks  has formed a complete system of optical communication products


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